Tuesday, November 7, 2017

El quinto dia

Greetings fellow human beings,
I can't believe it's day 5 here!  We've been busy.  Today we again collected a plankton sample in the morning, then went kayaking, hoping to see some marine mammals, only saw one sea lion, but did see quite a bit of birds, pelicans, cormorants, a loon!, and a bald eagle.  Neat!
It was quite a haul in the water, sure felt it in my arms on the way back.  I was in a single ocean kayak, pretty maneuverable in the waters.
In the afternoon, we went back in the lab to look for more plankton under the microscope.  I saw some organisms that I haven't seen yet, such as an arrow worm and a segmented worm larva.
Tonight is the night snorkel, let's see who does it!

The diatomite (diatomaceous earth)  looks like a Great White Shark!

Check out the white layer, that's ash that's become rock.

Here's some pictures of the plankton under the microscope.
Here's a type of plankton called a diatom chain.

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