Monday, November 6, 2017

It's the 4th day!

Another beautiful day
Happy Monday everyone!  I've been at work all weekend while you guys were relaxing!  I now know how to identify those little plankton, (well, at lest some of them).  Going up to the dining hall, I was hoping to see some of the little native island foxes, still didn't see one.

Where are those foxes?
Early morning

Last night, we had great adventures watching the Hawaiian Bobtailed squid eating the shrimp.  Although, one big shrimp stood up to that ol' squid!

Hawaiian bobtailed squid

She got the shrimp and is eating it!


Ok, geology experts!  We have all three types of rock right here in Fisherman's Cove-that white sedimentary rock we were using in our river models-yes, you guessed it , diatomite, where the diatomaceous earth comes from.   All those little diatom skeletons which fell on the seafloor, got buried, put under tremendous pressure and came up here on Catalina Island as the Pacific plate subducted under the North American Plate.  We also have blue schist, a metamorphic rock and basalt, an igneous rock, all right here in the cove

Collecting our morning plankton sample.

Miz D, high school biology teacher!

In the lab again looking for plankton
Another surprise in the night!  Guess what came out?  Nope, not another lobster but a....

cute little swell shark, see it down there on the bottom?  Just emerged from its egg case, which I was holding up.   

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